Wizards of the Business World

Wizards of the Business World

Magic is a tricky thing, there’s no doubt about it. Creating magic, working magic, and keeping certain habits from tampering with dark magic, which we all know they will anyways. The Operations of magic require an individual with extreme organizations and planning skills with a cool, calm head on one’s shoulders, and perhaps a pointy gray hat. In short, we need wizards.

The role of Operations in a business is very much so one that is behind the seance. You have the hobbit Salesmen who deliver the precious product to its destination, along with with the traveling companions in Customer Success who insure the safety of the product, and of course the Marketing team of elves that ride with their supper awesome advertising skills drawing all the attention to how cool this product must be.

In the background though, the true hero of our story works his magic. From the very begging of this tale is was the wizard who forms the mission, then lead the journey, and costly arrived just in time to save the rest of the Fellowship from the disasters they always seemed to find themselves in. This is exactly what Operations does on a daily basis.

What is operations

Operations is the internal management that allows a company to function as smoothly and effectively as possible.

There are countless tasks that must be performed for a business to function as a whole. To name just a few

  • Planning – making sure that things are planned effecting so that productivity can reach its highest.
  • Organizing – so that things and people are in their right place at the appropriate time.
  • Scheduling – if people don’t know when to do certain tasks then chaos is created.
  • Logistics – how will everyone work with each other.
  • Management – making sure that everyone has a job and knows what to do.
  • Quality Assurance – Check the product, double-check, and check it again.
  • Technology – because there is no other way to defeat the forces of evil than by the power of 1s and 0s.


Why is it important

As you can tell by the above list of responsibilities, Operations is a vital role for any company to function. Unfortunately, though, this is an area that is often overlooked.

If we look at the storyline of Gandalf, more often than not, he’s the one serving others.

In this role of serving, these wizards are expected to create magic that doesn’t exist. Hobbits and Dwarfs who know little of magic can often demand results that simply cannot be performed. And there is nothing more complicated than trying to explain magic, or a computer program function, to an impatient dwarf.

It is for this reason that these gifted and talented people who fill these roles are so vitally important. Potions to solve these imposable obstacles require ingredients that every good Operations wizard keeps on them at all times. Creativity, communication, and tech skills, along with a love for learning.


It’s a hard role to fill and one that may just turn you gray (pun intended). The rewards of helping others achieve their goals and having your company reach its highest potential is worth fighting a few orcs, dragons, and perhaps a balrog.

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