What to Aim for in a New Year

What to Aim for in a New Year

It’s that time of year when we look back on the past 364 days and craft a plan to make the next 365 more productive, successful, and fulfilling. Your New Year’s resolutions (and the following through of these resolutions) are in a way the arrows that we shoot forth into the unknown future in hopes of hitting our desired outcome. The only problem with resolutions is that they are simply arrows, simply yours desires in motion. A hunter with mere arrows is bound to fail without a bow the launch his weapons and a target to aim true. Without your bow and target, you too will be nothing more than a well-intentioned fool thrusting your arrow into the air by your own power and without a purpose. If you truly desire to rise victor over 2019 then you, my friend, must furnish your bow and determine your target.


A Christmas tradition around my place is to watch It’s A Wonderful Life at least once before Christmas Eve. What I love most about this dear story is that it holds such great truth for not only the holiday season but the entire year round. George Bailey is granted the priceless gift of discovering what the world would be like without him. Up to this point though, our star had spent his life chasing after that next big shot. He dreamed of a big house, new car, and all the luxuries money could by. All this change though when he realized that what he had in his family, friends, and his ability to help others was of far greater value.

What are you chasing after? Perhaps an expensive college degree, then an elaborate house, fancy cars, and a family with children who go on to accomplish the same success? The problem with this dream is that it is attempting to fulfill your life desires with things only money can buy. If you aim for this kind of life then your year will be focused on making that next buck so you can reach your point of happiness. I have a better alternative for you.

What if your goals for the next year (and all of life for that matter) were focused on your morals, ethics, and admired traits. For example; what if your goal was to be independent, instead of simply aiming to earn a certain dollar sign? What if you said that your desire was to live a simple relaxing life that still portrays class, instead of a certain kind of car modal. What if you decided that the ability to spend time with family and friends was of utmost importance, instead of a certain number of zeros in your checking account? If these were the kind of goals that you set then two things would be different. One, you would find satisfaction in the priceless things that money can never buy. And two, you would make chooses that improved your way of life, not just your financial status. When coming to a decision, you would look at it from the perspective of how it might impact your lifestyle instead of measuring it simply by its price tag. In many cases, you will likely choose the path that leads to greater financial security but you will have come to that conclusion because it best improves your life and not your bank account. Aim for a way of life, now a dollar sign. This is your target.


With your target in sight and your arrows ready, you are now only lacking one thing. The power to get from where you are to where you want to be.

There is an enormous gorge called “I need money to survive” that stands between you and your dream life. In order to cross over this canyon, you will need a power strong enough to thrust you to the other side; and that power is “value”. No matter what situation you may be in and no matter the economy, if you have a skill that creates value for others then you will be able to create financial security for yourself. The way to go about creating value is to first choose a career path and then become the best at what you do. One way of going about this is to improve your abilities in your chosen field by mastering skills that are valued in any filed.

First would be your interpersonal skills. Become a leader in your workplace by improving your public speaking skills, your ability to envision the future, market yourself, teach others, create unity, and open yourself up to new ideas. No matter what your career title may be, the ability to lead is a skill that will set you apart as someone who crates above and beyond value.

Second would be your ability to express yourself through creativity. The ability to express your ideas, beliefs, and opinions to others through writing, speaking, and designs, along with the ability to take in others ideas, beliefs and opinions, are skills that will allow you present yourself and your product in the very best light.

Third would be your ability to analyze situations and create plans. If you have the skill set to be able to analyze a situation, chart out each procedure, and then eliminate any unnecessary steps, you will be able to improve not only areas in your workplace but also your entire life.

Last would be your willpower and self-control. Exercising self-control when it comes to any form of indulgence, from food, alcohol, physical fitness, or activities that bring pleasure will vastly improve your ability to effectively make a difference in your workplace. You only have one body and one life, take care of them and treat them with respect.


With your target in your sights and the power of value to launch your dreams into reality, you can now face this new year and every year to follow with full confidence and certainty in your future. By investing your time, money, and abilities in improving yourself and your lifestyle, you will be banking on the only thing you have complete control over; yourself. So charge this New Year with the desire to live your life for a purpose and not a dollar sign.

A huge shout out to this weeks inspiration, The Last Safe Investment by Bryan Franklin and Michael Ellsnerg, and to Praxis for including this book in their reading material. If you are interested in learning more about enhancing your ability to create value and improve your way of life, I strongly recommend this book as well as the Praxis Program.

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