Week 4 Summary

In this post, I will be giving you a quick summary of the last 7 days as I wrap up the last week of my Message Project. This has been the week for bringing everything together form the last 30 days. Get ready because there is a ton of awesome content crammed into this project package.

Weekly Updates

When I present this project to a future employer or business partner I want it ti easy to go through in a quick manner while at the same time providing evidence of each of my skills, abilities, and accomplishments. 

To do this I created a video and blog post summarizing exactly what was accomplished each and every week. For week 1 I contacted Precious Moments Museum. Week 2 I created my formula using the pitch from precious moments and applied it to both Mounts Up Ministry and two Political campaigns. Week 3 I again applied my formula to two brands, Hope Photography, and my Personal Brand. Finally week 4 I pulled it all together to make one out of this world, over the moon, dynamite project. 

Company Updates

Along with my weekly updates, I have made videos and blogs to show each application of my message to explaining the message, advertising, and draw of every company, brand, or individual I’ve worked with over the last 30 days. This includes Precious Moments Museum, Mount Up Ministry, the two Political campaigns, Hope Photography, and my own Personal Brand.  


Here we are. I have now taken the documentation of this project, put the package together and slap a big fancy bow on top. 

This project has been such a huge eye-opener for me in so many areas as it has not only taught be tangible hard skills but also valuable soft skills that will help me advance in my future career. 

The last thing I wish to do is to thank you for joining me on this journey and to ask one final request of you. Find your message, advertise it to the world, and draw people into your mission. If we do this I truly believe we can change the world.

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