Week 3 - Formula in Action & Beyond

Here we are, approaching the end of this month’s project as we wrap up week 3! In this post, I will be giving you a quick overview of the last 7 days as this exciting adventure comes to an end. Hold on cause this is going to be good.

First, a quick recap of everything that has happened thus far.


Week 1: I created a proposition for Precious Moments Museum that would help clarify their message, advertise it, and draw their audience in. With the busy holiday season though, the company would be unable to discuss my ideas until the beginning of the new year. This left me with 3 weeks remaining in my month during which time I still had to deliver visible proof for my skills and abilities.

Week 2: Taking the proposition I sent to Precious Moments, I created a formula that can be applied to any company, brand or individual message. With this, I searched out an opportunity to test my formula. Mount Up Ministry, a nonprofit organization, and two local political campaigns welcomed my assistance and creativity.

Week 3: With the success of Mount Up Ministry and the political campaigns, I chose to seek out further areas to apply my formula. I reached out to a local photographer in the starting stages of her business along with taking a look at my own personal brand.

Week 3 Projects

Hope Photography.

Message: When first speaking to this young entrepreneur I asked her what her message was, to which she responded, to make money while doing something I enjoy. I agreed that this was a great ambition but not a message. She needed to define the Why behind what she did. After having her take the time to explain why she enjoyed photography and what she found most important in this form of art, we were able to identify and summarise here message. To capture the essence of people and places. In each picture this artist takes she wishes to capture the core of who that person on the other side of her lens is. She wants to share the beauty of creation and the simple messages of everyday life. I must say, this may be my favorite part of this formula process. Helping people identify exactly why they do what they do opens their eyes up to so many more opportunities to share that with the world.

Advertising: From this understanding, we were then able to look over the best means to advertise this message through both Instagram and a website.

Draw: The final step was to discover ways to draw people into the process of this message. This was accomplished by how this photographer interacts with the people she is taking pictures of, to capture their message and what makes them who they are. In so doing, these people are actually taking on the message of Hope Photography and putting it into action.

My Personal Brand

 This formula has been the result of years of research and a desire within my heart to discover how to take messages and turn them into movements that change lives. This project is simply the means by which my personal brand has been able to take form.

Message: My Message is providing the ability to express thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that change the world. I truly believe that every person has a message to be shared and the power to impact the lives of others. This is why I do what I do.

Advertising: The means by which I am advertising this message is through my website and this project.

Draw: My draw is you! You the person and /or company are what make my message come alive. By showing people how they can identify their message, share it with the world, and draw others in, I am drawing them in as they take my message and make it their own reality.

This Is Only The Beginning

So what is the next step? Well, I can tell you that this is only the beginning. I will continue to share this formula and help others share their messages with the world.

I haven’t given up on my first ambitions and am awaiting the response of Precious Moments to see what the future holds there.

Regardless though, I have my personal brand and will continue to use this formula in any company or situation I find myself in.

Next Steps

So what’s next? Helping Others share their message and changing the world.

As we approach the end of this project I have to look back and see how this whole crazy ride and turned into a far greater opportunity than I could have possibly dreamed of 21 days ago. And It’s not over yet!

Week 4

Week four I will be finishing this last stretch strongly. Wrapping up these 5 projects, understanding that many of them will continue form many months and possibly years to come, I will create an Out of the world, over the moon, dynamite presentation to showcase their project. This will be a documentation of this month and every bump and victory along the way.

This will be added to my website to promote my personal brand.

And finally, I’ll continue to do what I have done this entire time. Helping people identify their message, share it with the world, and draw others in. Because that’s my message and why I do what I do.

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