Week 2 - Creating & Recreating My Project

Week 2 of my Project is complete! This has been super exciting and I want to share my adventure with you. In this post, I will be giving a quick summary of the past 7 days during which I Created and Recreated my Project. I promise you’re gonna like this.

Recreating the Project

First off, there is no such thing as Failure. Only lessons to be learned and opportunities for creativity.

As I explained in my previous project post, my original goal was to help improve the overall experience of the Precious Moments museum. Unfortunately, though I have not heard back from them as my proposal has to make its way through the various chains of command. This has not dampened my hope or my eagerness though but has fueled it ever the more.

Having a plan B is always a good thing and fortunately, I had one. With the pitch I presented to Precious Moments I have created a formula that I believe can be applied to any business to improve its overall brand.

The Projects

I have found two projects in addition to Precious Moments to apply my formula to.

The first is a company by the name of Mount Up Ministries which is a non-profit traveling evangelist who presents the gospel message through the process of training a horse.

The Second is a local judge in my county by the name of Paula Moody who is running for Justice of the Peace.

Each of these projects is vastly different. From a museum to a traveling evangelist, and a political campaign. Yet each of these projects fit perfectly into my formula. (link for formula summary coming soon)

Mount Up Ministry

Message: For Mount Up Ministry, their message is Salvation through a horse’s eyes. Through the process of training a horse, the evangelist Colton Walter explains a relationship with Jesus Christ by showing the similarities between it and the relationship between a trainer and his horse.

Advertising: This message will be advertised through a new website and will be promoted by means of email ads.


Draw: What draws people to this company is the cowboy lifestyle and the impressive presentation of a wild horse being trained to ride in a matter of only 3 hours.


My end goal for this project is to have 10 booked events for the new year.


Paula Moody

Message: For Paula Moody, here the message is Vote for Experience and Knowledge. This slogan insures her audience that she is someone they can trust with their vote as she has been serving them and their community for many years. The best way to gain knowledge on how to handle a tough situation is through experience, and that is exactly what Paula Moody has to offer.


Advertising: Her advertising will be focused locally and will rely mostly on word of mouth. To get these personal conversations going though we will be creating newspaper articles, and potentially a few radio appearances.


Draw: What draws people to  Paula is the actual day to vote. This is an activity that will draw her audience in together for a common cause where they can each express their beliefs through the good old American way.


My end goal for this project is to have Paula’s name advertised and well known throughout the county by the end of the month,  which is two months ahead of most JP campaigns.


Through this process, I have also been approached by another local politician running for a different county position who would like me to run his campaign through my formula as well.

Precious Moments Museum

With these two examples of how this formula works in any company situation, we finally come back to my original project. I have not given up on my ambitions of helping Precious Moments and will continue to reach out to them. Many people would take their silence and a no but for me, I don’t take no for an answer. It’s just the salesmen in i guess.


I have gone about this the appropriate way, starting at the bottom and patiently waiting, but now it is time to make something happen.

My plan now is to connect with the president of the company as opposed to continuing to go through the museum manager. I will be doing this by 1, asking for his contact information, 2, searching him out online, and 3 if all else fails I will look for alternative routes to contact him by. Either way, I will not be giving up without the opportunity to be heard for my message is one that can help this company which I personally believe strongly in.

Week 3

Week 2 was pretty exciting, but week 3 will be even more so. For this next week, I will be working with these 3 companies to share their message and draw in their audience. Specifically creating Mount Up Ministry’s website and mailing list, getting written ads in the local paper for Paula Moody, and continuing to connect with Precious Moments.


Overall, this project has caused me to be aware of every company I come into connection with and how I can improve their brand through my formula.

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