Week 1 - Project Outline

The Project

Message, Advertising, and Draw 

My project for this month is to clarify the message of a company. The why behind what they do.

With this clarified, I will then share their message via digital form through a website along with written ads and blogs,  in order to create for them a positive digital image.

The end result of this will be to bring a greater customer draw by creating a project that is based upon the message of this company.

The Company

The company that I have chosen to reach out to for this project is the Precious Moments Museum.

My plan is to help them clarify their message, then share that message through an updated website along with written ads and blogs to improve their digital image online.

Finally, I will be pitching to them the idea of adding an interactive station to their museum in the form of an art studio. This will not only draw in a greater amount of customers but will also allowing these visitors to express their own messages through art.

End Goal

My end goal for this project is to have 100 customers as a result of sharing this company’s message via digital advertising and a new customer draw.

Throughout this process, I will be gaining the skills of Web Designing and Persuasive Written Advertising. 


This goal relates to my project perfectly because it can be applied to any company I work for in the future. At the moment, the company is Precious Moments but the project is still Message, Advertising, and Draw which can be applied to any work situation or partnership I find myself in.

Weekly Goals

In order to accomplish this project, I have scheduled out exactly what I will need to do each week.


Week one I will be contacting Precious Moments to get the ball rolling and gain permission to work with them on improving their museum. I will also be planning out my entire Project so that once I have permission I can jump right into delivering results.


In week two I will clarify their message. I will also be using the budget that they give me to update their site and start the planning process of the art studio.


Week 3, I will dive headfirst into creating their digital image via Ads and blogs.


Finally, week 4 I will have the studio layout created and in action along with 100 customers signed up for the first tour and art session.


As foreseen at this point these are my weekly goals. I understand that there will be bumps along the way and I will need to be flexible, but at the same time, I will be holding myself accountable for delivering these results at the end of each week.

Greatest Challenge

First off, when I say challenge, I visual mountains. And in my mind, there is no mountain too great to climb.


The 2 challenges I foresee are

1. Getting permission. After all, I must not only convince a company that I can solve their problems but to so I have to prove to them that they have problems to be fixed. And no one likes to be told that.

2. Learning how to use digital advertising. But as I said, this is simply a mountain to be climbed and I’m excited to do so.

Greatest Asset

The greatest asset I see myself bringing to this project is my understanding and experience in Creative Self-Expression. This is a topic that I have been researching for 5 years now. With this understanding and experience, I am able to

A. look at a situation and see how it can be improved.

B. Share a company’s message through attractive and engaging means.

C. Allow others to take part in this message, taking it on as their own and expressing themselves through it.



This is my project and how I intend to create something amazing. 

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