The Six Infinity Stones of Sales

The Six Infinity Stones of Sales

In the vastness of our universe, there is a power that when wielded by the right person can change the world. Those who use this power to improve the lives of mankind are known as Salesmen, and these are the stone that holds their source of success.



You can have the perfect prospecting system, sales pitch, and closing tactics, but without confidence, you’ll never make a sale. You as the salesman are the image of the product. When the customer sees or hears your pitch, they see or hear the product. Therefore, if you are not confident then your product will come across as weak and unreliable.

To become a great salesman, you must see yourself as that salesman. Without this visual goal, you will become lost in the obstacles and rejection that comes with the territory.


Sales is 80% psychology and 20% strategy.

The psychology aspect incorporates the soft skills required to succeed. Soft skills are the personal skills you bring to the table by who you are as a person. These include your personality, drive, communication, and listening skills. Knowing how you as an individual functions, how humans as a whole function, and how to use both of these aspects to your aid, is 80% of sales.

The second part of sales is the strategy. These are the hard skills such as gained techniques and necessary software skills.


There are two kinds of customers; prospects and non-prospects. Prospects are the people who need the product of which you are selling.

Selling a snow cone to an Eskimo is not proper prospecting or sells. An Eskimo doesn’t need a snow cone, they need a heater. Trying to sell a snow cone instead of a heater is not only a waste of your time but is also damaging your reputation and the reputation of sales as a whole.

Due to used-car salesmen and the Wolf of Wall Street mindset, sales has a bad wrap of being a field where “always be closing” is the main agenda. Selling a product to someone when they don’t need it is dishonest and unethical. This is why one should always be aware of needs and new opportunities to provide solutions.


Things just might go right, and things most defiantly will go wrong, so be prepared for both.

Going into a sales pitch with a road map of where you plan to go and alternative paths in case you hit a few bumps along the way, will increase your chances of success and decrease those deer in the headlights, dry tongue, and blank mind moments.

Embracing question is an opportunities to boost your sales. Be prepared with answers and solutions to foreseen objectives. And remember that these inquires show that the customer is interested, not that they are opposed.

Having a plan will allow you to have a mind of ease and sense of security as you pick up that phone and embark into the unknown.


If you find the perfect customer and present the perfect pitch, but yet neglect to have the tactics to close the deal, then you will have done nothing more than convincing the customer that they have a need and that you have a product.

Closing is no the act of tricking the victim into signing on the dotted line. It’s the act of a hero giving the solution the person in need. This is acutely when you get to be the hero, whereas before this moment you were simply a person with good intentions.

In a way, sales is about ABC, Always Be Closing. The significance though is not in the dollars added to the company, but in the individual whose life has been made just a bit easier and more enjoyable because of your product.


Customer loyalty refers to an individual who continues to return to one company or product time and time again. However, the loyalty of a customer relies interlay on the loyalty of the brand. Not only does the product need to be reliable and able to deliver all that was promised, but the company itself must also show its devotion to the customer.

By following up regularly, a salesman develops their greatest asset, a relationship. This connection allows future opportunities for sales and even more importantly ensures that the customer is satisfied which leads to great referrals and more prospects.



Heros vs. Villans

In the movie End Game, the infinity stones are used by two forces. Good and evil. In the hands of evil, half the population is annihilated. Whereas in the hands of good (spoiler alert) lives are brought back and order is restored.

Sales is a powerful role that when placed in the hands of evil can hurt many people, but in the hands of good, can improve the lives of so many.

The questions is, are you a sales villain or a Sales Hero.

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