The Road to Success

The Road to Success

Over the last week, I have been studying the role of Customer Success. During this journey I have created a map, outlining the mane stops one must make to reach their destination. So grab your gunny sack and a PB and J sandwich cause we’ve got a road trip to go on.

Planning Ahead

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The first stop on our journey is marked by a large question mark sign. In the work of customer success, half of the battle is in seeing a problem before it arrises. In customer success, half the battle is seeing a problem before it arises. The goal of any company is to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their product. By discovering possible obstacles before they become a reality, a customer can enjoy their product without the need of deal with bugs and hiccups.


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With that said, bugs and hiccups will arise which is why we must stop off at the Empathy Exist to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

The tendency at this point is to rush on by, attempting to save time. More often than not though this will lead to a wrong turn and the need to circle back.

When a customer comes to a company with a problem it is the job of customer success to determine exactly what that problem is and find a solution to it. The problem is that human nature wants to jump to the solution part and bypass the determining the problem part. Often when working in this role one will assume that they know exactly what the problem is and thus justify their actions in rushing forward. It may be true that you do know what the problem is, regardless though, the act of taking the time to fully listen to the customer will ensure that they feel understood, cared for and that every detail is covered to keep from missing something along the way.

It is key to see each customer as an individual and not simply a lump of people in a system. Each situation is different and each person has unique needs. Your goal as a customer success agent is to bring success to that specific customer.



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Once the problem has been identified, the next stop on our journey is the crossroads. When explaining to a customer exactly what has gone wrong with the product or how they can go about using the product to achieve their agenda, terminology and communication can become very difficult.

There are so many ways one can go about explaining a solution, however, the level of understanding on the customer’s side can become quite a speed-bump.

Let’s say that you are explaining a computer product to a customer who has little to no experience using such a tool. How one goes about this will cause two things results. One, it will determine whether the customer understands exactly what must be done. And two, it will influence how the customer feels about the process at the end.

No one wants to feel dumb or incapable. This is why how one goes about expelling a situation to a customer is of the utmost importance. Success is not simply a functioning product, it is also a sense of feeling.


Creative problem solving

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Our last stop is more of a pass-by. The traffic’s speed slows a bit, but all for the productive cause of construction which improves the drive of everyone taking this journey.

Creating a solution and implementing that solution for a customer is what brings about the result of success. Without the final solution, each of the stops along our way would have been a waste.

More often then not the solution to a problem requires a great amount of creative thinking. Looking at the obstacle from different angles and perspectives will allow one to discover new solutions. After all, if it were a quick and easy fix it most likely would have been caught back at the question mark sign at our first stop.


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At the end of our journey, the gained ability to be empathetic, communication clearly, listen, and think creatively are all souvenir to take home. However, the true reward of the hours put in behind the wheel is the feeling of accomplishment in knowing that another customer has reached their destination of customer success.

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