The Rental Car life vs. Owning It!

The Rental Car life vs. Owning It!

Driving across the state in this Buick rental, makes me miss my Jeep beyond that with words can express. Road trips just aren’t the same without my beloved Gilbert Blithe. Yes, I did name my Jeep after Anne of Green Gables.

There’s just something about driving your own vehicle down the road with the radio blaring and the windows down. It’s a feeling of ownership, control, and the mindset of taking it all in.

The same would apply to life. Especially the life of a Praxis student.

Starting our first official week of Praxis, my fellow student and I have been diving into exactly what this program offers, what we want to achieve, and the expectations that lie before us.

Get Stuff Done!

When I drive my Jeep, I get places. True, the rental will take me for point A to B, but a Jeep takes you places you otherwise wouldn’t go. And believe me, there are few locations on this green earth that Gilbert can’t go.

In the same way, a life that is owned, as opposed to rented, is one that gets places and gets stuff done. You don’t allow roadblocks to get in your way. You blaze your own trails and you accomplish that which lies before you.

If you do it, Document it!

My shades one, oldies and goodies blaring, with the windows down. That’s what memories are made of.

If one were to look through my phone, they would see almost all Jeep selfies. When I go places this my Gil, it suddenly becomes a picture-worthy moment.

As you live an Owning It life, you are constantly doing new and exciting things. Each opportunity is worth documenting and sharing, regardless of how small it may seem. Having a paper trail to look back on is the same as my camera roll. When I show all my friends the crazy places I’ve been and the things I’ve done, it not only reminds me of the things I’ve accomplished, it also makes other people want to come along.

Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time, Especially Your Own!

The one thing I dislike the most about rental cars is the deadline for getting back on time. I absolutely cannot stand the fact that my trip is being controlled by someone else. For example, this trip that I am on has been a race against the clock to get back before 11 pm. Because of this, I not only missed out on great opportunities for selfie and souvenir shops, but it honestly feels as this trip has been altogether a waste. Going places is just as much about the journey as it is the destination.

When you own your life you take advantage of every moment. You won the car, you determine the schedule, you make every minute count. You don’t waste your time or the time of others by not taking every opportunity to invest in this adventure. When someone else is determining your travels arrangements, not only you miss out on all you could have done, but so do the other people who are will you.

Get On The Road, Don’t Wait For A Ride!

Going to get a rental car is simply sad. Instead of being able to just say “let’s go”, jumping in your own vehicle, and hitting the road; you have to instead go down to the car rental and ask someone to give a car.

Owning you Life means that you make things happen, you don’t wait for others to give it to you. You have the power and honestly the responsibility to get yourself where you’re going. Waiting on others to provide these means of transportation is lazy and a complete waste of your life.

Be Thankful

Alright, by this point you may be wondering why I would be driving a rental car instead of my own cherry-red Jeep. (wipe away a tear with a sniffle). Long story short, I let one guy drive my love and as a result, Gilbert spilled his guts all the side of the interstate. I now have a large mechanics bill and a confirmed resolution that no member of the male species will ever drive my Jeep again.

In all honesty, though, Gilbert has been experiencing problems for a while now. Every time I would get in and start him up, I’d say a prayer and continue that prayer until the moment I arrived home safely. It’s amazing how much my prayer life has improved since I bought Gil.

When you own your life, you are far more grateful for those who make it possible for you to get to where you’re going. No one has to stop on the road to help you change a tire or toe to town you when you’re stuck on the side of the road. In the same way, no one in life has to help you reach your goals and dreams. Yet when those certain toe truck angles or life mentors do come along, gratefulness comes naturally.

When you drive a rental though, you expect nothing less than perfect driving condition. You are paying for someone to do something for you, therefore you do not experience appreciation because it’s expected.

Kill the FOMO 

The anxiety of getting this rental in on time has added a great amount of stress to this trip. At this moment it is 10:30, we have an hour of driving time to go, and as I said, this thing has to be back by 11. The $100 charge for arriving late has resulted in a fair amount of speeding and far fewer bathroom brakes.

When you rent your life, you will experience FOMO, fear of missing out. In my case, I have a fear of missing out on a big Benjamin. In life though, this fear of all the things you are missing as a result of the trip you are on, the thing you could be doing instead.

Going on a road trip means that I am saying no to everything else I could have been doing back home. However, when you Own your ride, you Own the journey too. You focus on the adventure you’re on instead of the fear of missing out on the meaningless activities that could otherwise be wasting your time.


So turn up your radio, grab your shades, and let the wind blow through your hair. This life is a journey, so own it, don’t rent it.



A huge shutout to  Amanda Kingsmith,  and Sara Morrison,  for a great first week of Praxis.

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