The Reason I Chose Not To Go To College

The Reason I Chose Not To Go To College

Get good grades, go to college, and then you’ll have the perfect life.

This is the message that I’ve heard countless times again. Earning a degree seems to be the magic potion for success. Unfortunately though, this is not the case. At the end of the day, one’s work ethic, ability to produce value, and life experience will far out weigh  a piece of paper.

It is for this reason that I have chosen not to attend college. Before you throw me out as a lost cause, allow me to explain What I am doing instead, How I am doing it, and most importantly, Why.


I am apart of a movement that is revolutionizing higher education and the pursuit of a career. The worth of a degree is becoming less valuable yet more expensive and time-consuming to obtain. College is not for everyone, and I’m one of those people that it’s not for. I am a Praxis student leading the way for future change. This is What I DO.


Praxis is a 12-month business program during which time each student completes a six-month online boot camp along with a following six-month apprenticeship through an exciting startup company. The main agenda of the boot camp is to create a portfolio to showcase a candidate’s skills and abilities to potential employers. The apprenticeship is focused on taking these skills and applying them to real-world experience.

Through this program, I have the ability to determine my own path instead of trusting it in the hands of a university. At the end of the day, my outcome depends entirely on whether I accomplished what was required and expected of me. I can place blame on no one besides the man in the mirror, yet this also means that the person creating that reflection is me and not a system or society.

“I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.” – Dr. Ivan Joseph

Praxis is simply the structure of responsibility by which I obtain freedom. This is How I do what I do.


I believe in striving for the kind of life that is capable of changing the world. This is a life measured not by a bank account summary or the opinions of others. It’s a life measured by the personal accomplishments I have achieved. It’s a life of overcoming the resistance that stands between each master and their trade. It’s a life of resting your head on the pillow each night satisfied with how you spent your hours that day.

I believe that each person has a purpose and place in the world that they are meant to impact. Life is a gift you only get once. I intend to live mine completely invested and involved, as opposed to checking my brain in at the door so that the trends and ideas of the day can live my life for me.

It is this purpose that I aim for instead of am A on a test or exam. Such a life is not given to anyone but is one that must be fought for and earned. For myself, this journey does not lead through a college compose but instead out in the real world, gaining life experience, skills, and a reputation of someone who can deliver.

College is not a bad thing or a pour choice to make, for some people. At the end of the day though, one’s work ethic, ability to produce value, and life experience will far out weigh a piece of paper, and that is why I have chosen not to go to college.

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