The Reason I Am Passionate About Nuts, Bolts, and Hay

The Reason I Am Passionate About Nuts, Bolts, and Hay

You may think I’m crazy but, I am passionate about nuts, bolts, and hay. To explain the reasoning behind this passion allow me to share with you What I do, How I do it, and most importantly Why I it.


I am a team member of one of the fastest-growing businesses in the US, that, fun fact, is actually Canadian owned and operated. This retail chain offers products for home improvement, lawn, and gardening maintenance, and specializes in agriculture livestock, equine and pert care. I am a team member of Tractor Supply and am proud to serve my community by serving our customers.


The way by which I offer my services to these customers is by fulfilling my duties to the very best of my abilities. This is not simply a job that I clock in and out of but is a part of my daily efforts to impact my community, which is something I do with or without my red vest on. My efforts toward creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, where people can find not only the supplies but also the help they need, is what impacts my community, and ultimately my state and country.

Besides assisting customers with finding specific products within our store, I have also made it my personal challenge to greet each customer upon arrival offering any help that they may need the moment they arrive. This accomplishes three things.

1. It saves the customer time which can be better used working on their projects or spending time with their family and loved ones. 2. It allows me to connect with these members of my town to create relationships that go beyond company and customer. 3. It lets the customer know that this is a place that they can come to in the future for not only their daily needs and tools but also for friendly service and a welcoming farming family.

Another way that I have gone the extra country mile is by writing a personal note on the back of each customer’s flyer.

I noticed that most of our customer information papers, offering adds, store sales info, and cash winning opportunities, were being thrown away or left in the carts without so much as a single glance. This meant that our customers were going uneducated about our annual opportunists to save and invest. To solve this problem I put together a quick, 15-sec speech concerning the information in our flyer and the chance to win cold cash while pointing out exactly where they could read more at their convenience. Along with this, I also wrote a personal note on the inside page, wishing them a great day with my name attached. This note allows our store to be front and center in their minds even after they walk out our doors, and also supplies a name to attach to a face the next time they come in.

To prove that these actions are effective, one week after applying them to my daily work interactions, I received the Country Mile award for my outstanding customer service and satisfaction.


I believe in hard work, discovering new ways to impacts one’s work, community, and the lives of others. Being attentive as to what needs to be done and knowing how to improve how things are run is what makes a great team member, and what allows me to achieve my goals.

This store is much more than a building with products and services. It is a place for creating projects, hobbies, and livelihoods. By being apart of this industry I can be a problem solver. And, for that customer who walks into a warm greeting, friendly assistance, and a “have a great day” farewell note, I even get to be a life-changer, if only in my community.

Yet what is our country made of if not communities? And what are communities made of if not their people? Therefore, by serving the people of my community, I truly am a world changer.

You may think I’m crazy but, now you know why I am passionate about nuts, bolts, and hay.

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