The Perfect Cheesecake – My 5 key Ingredients

The Perfect Cheesecake – My 5 key Ingredients

5 ingredients are all it takes to create a truly irresistible desert. The kind that unlocks a man’s heart by means of his stomach, bringing him to his knees to pop out a ring.

In the same way, there are 5 ingredients that I have mixed in my life to create the perfect Character Cheesecake.

1. Initiative – the Cream Cheese 

Initiative is the ability to recognize and do that which needs to be done before it is asked of you.

Just as cream cheese is the base in which all other ingratiates are added to, so initiative is the base by which one can best showcase their skills and abilities.

An individual who can see and accomplish a task before it is assigned will be able to create value in any situation they face.

2. Decisiveness – the Cream 

Decisiveness is the ability to finalize difficult decisions based on gained facts and experience.

To get the cream cheese to transform into a creamy delectable substance, cream must be added to the mix. Just so, Decisiveness must be applied to obtain that perfect level of achievement.

Having the capability to come to an intelligent conclusion will enable a person to accomplish a task efficiently without wasting their time or the time of others.

3. Joyfulness – the Sugar

Joyfulness is a personal choice to be happy and enthusiastic regardless of the current circumstance.

Without sugar, a cheesecake tastes downright desisting. In the same way, a productive life without joy will be bitter and distasteful to those who come into contact with it.

As a joyful person, one can create an enjoyable atmosphere which produces greater productivity and less stress among themselves and their coworkers.

4. Compassion – the Flavoring

Compassion is investing in others to have a positive impact on their lives.

The flavoring defines what of cheesecake is known as. Chocolate, Strawberry, or New York Classic. So a person will be known by their commutation for others or lack of.

At the end of one’s life, the projects that they accomplish and the tasks that they completed will not miss them when they’re gone. The people they touched and the relationships that they created will be the things they are measured by in the end.

5. Determination – the Gelatin 

Determination is the decision to push through and accomplish one’s goals, regardless of opposition.

The gelatin-like ingredient that holds this character cheesecake together is determination.

Without the determination to see a task through to the end, any dream, goal or desire, is nothing more than an abstract idea.


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn 

Cream and Cream cheese come from cows. Sugar comes from sugarcane. Gelatin is made form prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage, and bones from animals (yum yum). And flavor comes from fruit or artificial flavorings.

In the same way, each of these character traits is brought about by outside forces, also known as the people one chooses to interact with.

I have 5 particular people who have invested the most in my Character Cheesecake.

1st. My Dad

My Dad has taught me that the power of joy and a positive attitude can empower you to overcome even the darkest times in life.

That time poured into the lives of others is the greatest and most rewarding life investment one can make.

And to push through every barrier in life, because an optical is only an obstacle if one chooses to believe that it is.

2nd. My Sister 

Ashtyn has taught me that life is too short to focus solely on what tomorrow may bring, but that one should treasure and invest in the present.

That one must get up even when they get knocked down.

And to trust one’s instincts and intellect as opposed to stewing over the inevitable or unknown.

3rd. My Long Distance Friends 

My long-distance relationships have taught me that the title of friend is not enough. That to maintain this connection over distance and time, one must invest time and effort, even when it’s not easy.

And that the value of a person is not measured merely by memories and laughter, but more importantly, by the times when they are simply there for you.

4th. My Mentors

I have been blessed with 2 amazing women who have invested not only their time in listening to my struggles and victories but have also spoken words of wisdom into my life form their own experience.

These women have taught me how to look at my surroundings and make choices that best improve the lives of others and myself.

They have taught me that time is not to be wasted in idleness but is a precious gift meant to impact the world.

And that one person truly can make a difference if they choose to look outside of themselves, to those in need, instead of being self-centered and focused within.

5th. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

The relationship I have with my One True Love, Very Best Friend, and Provider of all I’ll ever need, has by far had the greatest impact on my life.

As I grow ever closer to my Lord, He teaches me daily that His plan for my life is to be aware and alert in every situation, that I might be able to be His hands and feet of love to this world.

To move forward regardless of the obstacles, for no giant in my life is too great, that my God is not greater.

And that when I trust in Him I can be immovable against the storms of life, rejoicing even when all darkness surrounds me.


These 5 ingredients and the sources by which I acquire them are what make up my irresistible Character Cheesecake.

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