The Greatest Leap of Faith

The Greatest Leap of Faith

The other night my little brother way praying to God and asked how long a million years was to Him. In response, God said that it was only a second. My brother then asked how much a million dollars was, to which God told him only a penny. After thinking for a moment my brother then asked, God can I have a penny? God responded, Of course, in just a second.
Millions of years or just a second, Evaluation or Creation. It’s no joking matter. Unfortunately, though we all too often fall under the false assumption that Evolution and Atheism are based on science and facts while Christianity is based on little more than blind faith. Today I wish to put this opinion to the test by exploring which is the greatest leap of faith, Christianity or Atheism?

The Tell of A Coca Bottle

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First, I wish to present to you an observation by renowned evangelist Ray Comfort, as to where the Coca-cola bottle my have originated.

Billions of years ago an explosion caused by absolutely nothing created a brown sweet substance. Over millions of years plastic formed around this sweetness crafting a container and later a lid at the top. After this, paint fell from the sky forming on the bottle the letters Coca-cola.
What I have done here is triggered your intellect and reasoning. The story I have presented is logically insane and it doesn’t take a genius to know this. The fact that there is a Coca-cola bottle points to the fact that there must have been a maker.

If we as humans can understand this when it comes to minuscule things such as a Coca-cola bottle, how much more then should we acknowledge that this remarkable and complex world we live in today also must point to a Creator.

Time, Space, and Matter

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A favorite question for both Atheists and Christians is, what was in the beginning?

Regardless of which perspective you look at this question from, one truth remains the same for both sides as stated by Einstein Stanford. This is the truth of time, space and matter. These three components can not exist without each other. Therefore the question becomes what was before time space and matter since all three had to come into existence at exactly the same moment. The obvious answer is that there had to be something timeless, spaceless and without matter. A timeless, spaceless, masterless being.

Sounds kind of like God to me.
Allow me to explain this through a musical. You see, “Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could”. So somewhere in our past, there must have been, a timeless, spaceless, masterless being who could.

Ya gotta love the Walt Disney’s Sound of Music.

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Our Moon and Sun

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From this point the question must be asked, how long did it take to get from this first moment of time, space and matter to the universe as we know today? Was it billions and billions of years or was the world created in 7, 24 hours days, making the earth only a few thousand years old? To answer this question, we look to our universe, specifically the moon and sun.
According to Science, the moon is actually traveling away from the earth.  Answers in clocks this rate of separation at 1.5 inches per year. At this rate, the moon would have actually been touching the earth at only 1.5 billion years ago. The problem is that Evolutionists claim that the moon has been orbiting the earth over 4.5 billion years.

So where is the hole in the earth from when the moon passed through it?

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By the way, is it getting hot in here? Well, it certainly would be billions upon billions of years ago.

According to the Institution for Creation Research .org, the sun is shrinking at the rate of approximately 5 feet per hour or 0.1% per century. At this rate, the Sun would actually be touching the earth’s surface at only 20 million years ago. This presents absolutely no problem if one believes in the creation of the world less than 10 thousand years ago, however, it most certainly is a dilemma for an evolutionist who dates the sun back to around 500 to 2,000 million years old.

Our Bodies

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The universe is a tad big to wrap one’s mind around so let’s look at something we can more easily understand. Ourselves.
According to Science, there are ten internal organs required for an individual to survive. The Spleen, Kidney, Gallbladder, Stomach, Lungs, Reproductive organs, Appendix, Liver, Heart valves and half a Brain.

Good thing too cause my mom says only half my brain is working most the time anyway.
The question that must be asked with this evidence is which organ did we evolve first and since we require all 10 in functioning condition in order service, how could we live before they evolved?


Atheist Answer

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Each of these points presents questions that we as humans demand answers for.

Christians answer with the belief in an almighty God. But what answer can an Atheist offer in the face of such uncertainties?

One particulate solution that is gaining approval from many in the scientific field is that of the Multiverse theory.

Allow me to attempt to explain this concept.
According to God evidence .com, the probability of the universe coming into existence out of pure chance would be 1 part in 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 123. That’s more zeros than there are particles in our entire universe.

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According to Prager U, the answer that Multiverse presents to this equation is that the big bang created not only our universe but that it actually created an infinite number of universes. Since the number of universes is infinite the chance of our universe being the exact perfectly balanced life-strainer that it is, suddenly goes from mathematically impossible to now 100% greeted. You see, the chance of something occurring means nothing when there is an infinite amount of chances.

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The problem with this theory is that there is not possible way to prove its reliability, since you can’t access another universe. As distinguished physicist Paul Davies states “Invoking an infinity of unseen universes to explain the unusual features of the one we do see is just as [made up] as invoking an unseen Creator”.

In other words, this theory in itself is just as big a leap if faith as Christianity.
When it comes down to it, there is substantial evidence presented by Christians that they believe proves Christianity. Yet at the same time, there is substantial evidence presented by Atheist that they believe disproves Christianity. By the end of the day, the fight between Christianity and Atheism cancels each other out, creating a level playing failed of faith.

Yes, faith!

Whether you are a Christian or an Atheist your belief will require a leap of faith, for there is no possible way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is or there is not a God. Each of us must come to a point in our lives where we must make that choice for ourselves.

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