The Greatest Crime

The Greatest Crime

Recently I found myself watching yet another late night mystery show where the horrific serial killer turned out to be a Christian. It’s always the same, the uneducated or brainwashed believer sees themselves as fulfilling the will God by snuffing out those who live after the devil. Usually, this means anyone who’s sexual lifestyle consist of more than one partner, especially involving the same gender, and/or indulges in any form of life’s pleasures. After multiple sickening acts of quote on quote holy endeavors, this madness is finally put to an end by our hero who sends this deranged maniac to their so-called God of love.

This now common plot line and widely accepted viewpoint breaks my heart and is, in my opinion, the greatest crime……. committed by Christians.

Could there be a sin that is greater than another? When I ask this question I am not implying that God is less capable of forgiving one sin over another or that a person is beyond hope of salvation if they commit such a sin. I wholeheartedly believe that the only act that God will not overlook on judgment day is the act of refusing His Son’s free gift of atonement for sin.

With that said, there obviously are sins that have greater weight in their effect on others. Any sane person will agree that killing an innocent person is a far greater sin than stealing a stick of gum. They are both sins, leaving the individual guilty and in need of salvation, but one is clearly more devastating to others.

On this scale of sins, I believe that the greatest crime that can be committed is the crime committed in the name of Christ by a Christian. Yes, I am saying that a sin committed by a Christian is far more devastating and wrong then the same sin committed by a non-believer. We as followers of Christ are most definitely held to and judged by a higher standard. When we bare the title of Christian we become a living representation of Christ to this world. For this reason, what we do and how we act is how this world will see Christ. Sadly I’m afraid we have done a terrible job showing who our Saviour truly is.

The world that lies just beyond your white steeple churches can easily see what we as Christians stand against, but I’m afraid it’s far more difficult for them to see what we stand for. Our Savior did indeed stand against sin but He also stood for the sinner. He stood between the harlot and her condemning mob. He stood between the prostitute and the demons that held her captive. He even stood between his own disciples when they chose to judge the woman who washed His feet. Jesus condemned sin but loved the sinner.

Christians are the only ones who kill their own wooded, is a saying that must be proven undeniably wrong; not with anger and outrage but with love and kindness.

What if acts of caring for others was associated with our title as Christians instead of examples of harsh judgment and rejection. What if church was a place you knew you could find safety and acceptance. What if every time the name of Christ was used it was associated with a group of people who lived in such a way that could be explained by only one word; love.

It is true that those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior will not be judged for their sins, however, we will stand before our King one day and take account for what we did with His name. My greatest fear in life is not death for I know where I stand in eternity. My greatest fear is one day seeing the opportunities that I passed up, the lives I could have touched, the souls I could have reached. What kind of life will you able to present to your King? Will it be one of self-service, or one dedicated to sharing love with this world. Why else would God leave us here on this earth if not to share His message of love? If it were not our duty and responsibility to reach the lost then I have no doubt that God would have taken us to heaven the moment we chose to believe. But instead, He leaves us here, not to live for ourselves but to allow Him to live through us.

So next time you watch a late night mystery show where the villain turns out to be a believer or any other situation where the name of Christ is showcased in a negative light, let that challenge you to live a life that shows who your Savior truly is. You may be the only Jesus that someone sees.

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