The Four Walls of Operations

The Four Walls of Operations

I just finished up my 19th move this last week, so I think I can claim the title of professional in this area.

One of my favorite parts about moving into a new place is the empty walls with all their potential. Instantly I start planning where I’ll put this or hang that.

Walls are are a lot like life skills. When you have these skills it’s easy to add experience to them like pictures and wall decor.

In the role of operations, there are four main walls that one can hang their experiences in order to showcase their qualifications and accomplishments.


On this wall will be plaques of accomplishment. Obstacles that at first seemed daunting and impossible, yet turned into awards of customer satisfaction and company improvement. On a daily basis, operations personal are faced with situations and dilemmas that require them to look at their tasks form a new angle. Being able to dissect a problem to its core, then put it back together in a manner that will increase its efficiency requires creativity.


On this wall, you have windows that allow you to see the outside world. An ability to see the needs of others and then effecting show them how to reach the solution to those needs is key in ensuring that your customers achieve satisfaction and the appearance of your band remains untarnished. Communication is the skill that allows this clear view on both sides of the business wall.


On this wall hangs pictures, capturing a single moment that holds a thousand words. Knowledge of how to run and use technology will allow you to create those outcomes that took a thousand 1s and 0s. Just as a picture, no one sees the background story of your project, but the outcome points to the importance of the journey and the tools used to accomplish it.


On this wall is mounted a mirror, showing who you are as a person. Every day as you pass by this object it will ask you the question, “who are you”? Are you a person who rises to the challenge of a new situation, embracing the chance to improve yourself? Are you a person who pushes through mental blocks or lack of understanding? Are you a person who loves to learn?

In a world that is constantly changing, this is the key skill that will ensure your ability to succeed. Every task can be learned and every obstacle can be overcome, but only if you are the kind of person who believes that it can.


An empty room holds so much potential, but a full room shows that potential. The question is, what will you hang on your walls?

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