The Begining of my Pioneers Progress.

The Begining of my Pioneers Progress.

Brisk beautiful mornings. Adorable farmhouses. Trees as far as the eye can see. This is what my world has turned into over the last week.

You may be asking, what would bring me to leave my flat, open plains, and 70 degree winter days?

My answer; Opportunity!

Over the course of the last 6 months I have undergone an intense business training boot camp through the Praxis program. As a result of these countless hours and sleepless nights, I have landed and outstanding and exciting job opportunity in the sweet, backwoods town of Jones Michigan. Here I have joined the Maple Row Sugarhouse team just in time for harvest season. This company specializes in handcrafting all natural maple syrup. My work responsibilities consist of marketing the company and products, finding and closing sales with new clientele, organizing events and customer draws, along with actually participating in the process of making maple syrup.

Along this journey I will be documenting the entire process as this Texas girl learns how to be a Maple Maid. My hope is to educate the public on the process and benefits of all natural maple syrup.

So put on your warm mittens and hat as I take you along on my Pioneers Progress.

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