Proving the Existence of Your Product

Proving the Existence of Your Product

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Kraken. What do all of these creatures have in common? No one believes in them because no one has ever seen them.

If Bigfoot was your mailman, the Loch Ness monster swam around the California beaches, and the Kraken was a usual cruise line sighting, then there would be no doubt of their existence. After all, seeing is believing.

The same is true in the business world.

It matters not how impressive, reliable or revolutionary your product may be, if no one sees it then no one will know it exists. Without the right means of putting your business out in front of the right people, your ambitions will join the list of mythical creatures.

Fortunately, there is an elite force of myth-busters who can help you prove the existence of your product to the world. These man and women are the marketers (dramatic music added).

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of getting a product in front of a potential customer.

Many aspects go into this role. To name a few-


This is the process of determining exactly what kind of person would be interested in the given product and how to reach them. If you are selling Moo moos, you could target married women, over the age of 35, with the yearly income of $24,000, by focusing your ads to Facebook. This is an extremely important aspect of marketing since it cost a company money every time one of their adds pops up.



This is where seeing becomes believing. By use of advertising a marketer can put your product in front of the chosen customer. If the advertisements are convincing and persuading, then there is an opportunity for a sale to be made.



The ability to portray your product will be determined by the marketer’s ability to communicate with both you as the company and the customers. If the marketer does not fully understand what the product is that you are selling, then they will be unable to create persuading advertisements. If they are unable to communicate clearly to the customers via those advertisements, then the entire process will be a waste.


What Makes Marketing Important?

Without marketing, a company would have their products and the customers would have their needs, but the two would never meet.

Mythical beast doesn’t enjoy their lives of solitude, which may be why some work for insurance complies. In the same way, companies don’t like their products to collect dust on a shelf. Which is why they use marketers.

Consider any product that you use. From your laundry soap to your cell phone. Every item that you invest in is the result of marketing. Without that 50% off sign on your laundry soap you most likely would have gone with Arm and Hammer. If it weren’t for those YouTube adds of iPhones, you would have remained in the dark ages with your flip phone. Regardless of the form in which marketing takes, visually or verbally, the end goal is to convince you the customer that your life will be significantly improved if only you purchase this product.



Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Kraken. All of these creatures have one thing in common? They have not marketers proving their existence to the world. The question is, will your product be on the next addition to the mythical creature list?

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