How Payton Shares Who She Is With The World

An idea left hidden in the mind of a single person is of no use to the world. But when harnessed with the power of self-expression, it becomes a book that transports you to another world, a song that touches your heart, a speech that motivates a movement, or a performance that stirs a soul.

Pioneer Progress

Through this chain of posts, I will be sharing my adventure and transformation as I become the  Maple Maiden.

My goal is to document my journey and educate the public on the process and products of all natural Maple Syrup.  

This is so much more than a project that I completed to place on the shelf, simply to take down as a testimony of my skills and abilities. This is how I see the world and how I intend to make my mark. Not only have I perfected and gained skills along this journey but I have been forever changed. I’ll never see my world the same and will from here on out be finding opportunities to share messages that change the world.


Combining bible studies and mission training through an extensive discipleship guidance program.

This set apart time at Ellerslie allowed me to grow closer to my Lord as He increased and I decreased. 

Discovering my position In Christ. That I have the power of grace to overcome any form of sin that may tempt me. That I can be immovable regardless of my life circumstances, for Christ is my source of neverending Joy. That the word of God is to be my life obsession which saturates every area of my life. And that true Christianity is a constant interaction and awareness of the presence of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

High Palins Rodeo Bible Camp
Original Team

Member of the original founding team for the Rodeo Bible Camp of America’s First official Rodeo Bible Camp in the state of Texas. 

As a member of this organization I had the opportunity and responsibility of heading up marketing projects, organizing food, activities, and medical care, along with the personal supervision and guidance of campers. 

Camp Counselor

The time, effort, and cost of impacting a child’s life is always worth it. Each Child is a gift with the power to chance the future. By being a Friend and Role Model to this younger generation, I have the ability to not only make their life more fulfilling but I also am impacting the lives of ever person that child goes on to help. We are not simply one life, but a line of lives reaching out to help each other.  



4-H and Catch-A- Heifer

As President of both my Catch-A-Heifer and 4-H programs, I had many opportunities to gain leadership skills along with responsibility. Both these attributes require one to look beyond themselves and see that others are relying on them. A good leader puts the needs of other’s first. 


Qualifying to Nationals in Five Speech Events, earning the title of Marathon Runner, obtained by only nine out of 900 + competitors at the National Level.

The ability to express one’s thoughts in a way that others can understand and relate to is a worthwhile skill. Words can change a person’s thoughts, which then can change their actions, which then can change the world.

USA Certified Gymnastics Coach

Though my title may be Coach, my job is Confidence Builder. When a child has confidence in themself they then have the power to achieve their dreams. More than the ability to preform multiple flips or a cartwheel, I strive to impact my students entire life.

Personal Pitch Deck

Monumental projects and accomplishments, along with testimonials and dominate character traits.



Creativity that Changes the World



National Christian Forensic Communication Association NCFCA​

Payton is a young woman who fully embodies the traits you look for in potential candidates. Her positive outlook on life is refreshing. She demonstrates a strong will to stand up to challenges that come her way and follow her dreams. Specifically, I am impressed by her goal setting and clear vision for her future.

Employment as USA Certified
Gymnastics Coach

Payton Walter is an very special employee to me. Her work ethics are amazing and she takes care of my athletes as well as my entire business. She works well with others and constantly has a positive attitude. She is always available and willing to help do any of my million projects. Any program that she is apart of will succeed because she always gives her best.

Sharing the Light of Love and Hope

A City that is set on a hill cannot be hidden

Matthew 5:24

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