How I Applied My 3 Step Formula To A Political Campaigne

In this post, I will be walking you through how I applied my three-step formula to a personal brand as opposed to large scale companies, by means of political campaigns. 

I was fortunate enough to work with two political candidates throughout this project and will be share ways that I applied my three-step formula to both situations.


The first opportunity was with a local judge running for Justice of the peace. 


Paula Moody’s message is Vote for Experience and Knowledge. This slogan insures her audience that she is someone they can trust with their vote as she has been serving them and their community for many years. The best way to gain knowledge on how to handle tough situations is through experience, and that is exactly what Paula Moody has to offer. 

When creating a political campaign it is vitally important to have your message clear and concise. If people are confused as to what you stand for then they will be less likely to trust you. This applies to any area of life, be it through interactions with people or companies.  


Depending on what kind of position one is seeking to earn, advertising will take on different forms. 

The second political campaign I worked with was with a local rancher by the name of Jim Snow who is running for a position as a county board member. Since this campaign consisted of only local voters the obvious target for advertising would be the local paper, along with posters at local stores, and word of mouth. 

Looking for an additional means of getting my client’s message out though, I also convinced him to go beyond these heavily used platforms and take an opportunity to speak on the local radio and tv news station. 

Having a message, regardless of how truthful and trustworthy it may be, is of no use if it neglects to reach those who need to hear it.


Finally, we come to the means by which both of these parties draw their audience in. This Draw is the actual day to vote. This is an activity that will bring both party’s audience together for a common cause where they can each express their beliefs through the good ol American way. By taking this action of placing their vote, these people are not only becoming involved in the messages of both Paula and Jim but are at the same time taking their own beliefs and message and putting them into action.   


This experience has been rewarding and exciting as I have seen how my three-step process of message, advertising and draw created the perfect platform for these personal campaigns. Could your company use this same formula? Feel free to contact me today and together we can share your message to change the world.

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