How I Applied My 3 Step Formula To My Personal Brand

In this post, I will be walking you through how I applied my three-step formula to my own personal brand.


First, my message. What I want people to know about my brand is that I strive to create means for being able to express thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that change the world. I truly believe that every person has a message to share and the power to impact the lives of others. This is why I do what I do. 

This message has been the result of years of research and a desire within my heart to discover how to take messages and turn them into movements that change lives. My message and desire are to help you share your message and desires. Imagine what this world would look like if every person saw themselves as a vital impactor in their families, communities, countries and beyond. Imagine if every person knew that they were here for a reason and that their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs were actually gifts for them to use and share with the world.   



The means by which I am advertising this message is through my Message Project and my personal website. 


This Project shows tangible examples of the effectiveness of my message. It provides far more than my own personal opinion but instead gives proven evidence.  



When it comes to advertising I needed a way to show exactly how my belief in self-expression could benefit another person’s life and/or company. 


To me, the fact that this project does indeed revolve around my own personal message even though I originally had no intention of doing so, shows that this truly is the core of who I am and what I do. 


The platform on which I showcase this is my personal website where every page and section shares my message. 


Knowing what my message is helping me focus on what needs to be showcased on my site. Instead of looking at a page or section and asking does this looks professional, is it interesting, is it something I need to share, I now simply ask “how does it share my message.” With this new perspective I have been able to update my site so that where it was once hectic and scattered, it now has a common goal for each and every page.  


This is what having a massage can do for your entire outlook on advertising and your brand in general.



Finally, we come to how I draw my customers in so as to involve them in my message.  


As strange as it may sound, your personal message and what you love to do is what brings you into my message. My message is the desire to help you share your message.




 The reason my brand exists at all is that you might allow me to help you share your thoughts ideas and beliefs so that together we can change the world.

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