How I Applied My 3 Step Formula To A Non-Profit Company

In this post, I will be walking you through how I applied my three-step formula to the non-profit organization, Mount Up Ministry.


Mount Up Ministry is an organization where a traveling evangelist by the name of Colton Walter, presents the gospel through the process of training a horse. The message of this company is Salvation through a horse’s eyes. Through the analogy between a trainer and his horse, Colton is able to place his audience in the position of the untrained horse to show what a relationship with Christ is like. The message this man share is Salvation. The means by which he shares it is through a horse’s eyes.



By creating a new website for this company, I have been able to showcase their message. Anyone interested in getting to know that Mount Up Ministry has to offer will find a quick summary in both video and written form on the website’s home page. From here their interest can lead them to the about page where they’ll find a full background story of both the ministry and the evangelist Colton Walter. As a result of this clear and concise message, potential clients are now educated enough to make a decision as to whether they would like to become involved and book a clinic in their area. This simply takes a click of a button on the Contact page, making the connection between company and customer quick and easy.



Finally, we come to the actual horse training clinic. By use of his cowboy lifestyle, Colton Walter draws people into his message through his impressive presentation of training a horse. 


Salvation Through A Horse’s Eyes is a process where an unbroken wild horse is trained and within a matter of three hours is handled, led, saddled, and ridden. The horse must come to a point where he trusts the trainer before it can become useful. 

Through this analogy, Colton shows how God desires that we take these same steps. Trust Him, Accept Him, Give our lives to Him, and build a relationship with Him. 


This presentation not only expressed Coton’s message but also brings people in and allows them to take part in his mission taking it on as their own.



With this three-step foundation, Mount Up Ministry is now able to look at each new choice in their company and determine whether these are things that will help their message or distract from it. Could your company use this same formula? Feel free to contact me today and together we can share your message to change the world.

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