Imagination at it’s Best and it’s Worse

Imagination at it’s Best and it’s Worse

Staring off into the distance, the thoughts that rush through our minds as you fall asleep, looking into the void of existence, the images of the future that you have created in our mind’s eye. This is your imagination. The pondering of things, situations, and even worlds unknown. From childhood, this ability to see the nonexistent has shaped how we act and react to life.

“The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” – Deepak Chopra

We as humans are unable to foresee the future, but that doesn’t keep us from trying our best to figure it out. What we imagine as we attempt to see the unseen will determine how we react when that future actually arrives. Therefore, though you are unable to see the future, what you imagine does have a powerful impact.

Anxiety is the number one mental health disorder in the U.S., causing both phycological and physical damage and illnesses. All because we choose to focus on the possible negatives of the future. Please read that sentence over again and let it soak in.

Possible negative in the unseen future. This form of imagination is robbing us of our lives, literally. Not only is it stealing the joy of life and the precise time we have to live, but it is actually eating us within and slowly killing us.

There is hope though. Just as with everything in life, imagination can be used for wrong, but also for good.

When controlled and harnessed, imagination can become the greatest tool in changing one’s perspective and life. Instead of dragging you down into despair, you can sore on the wings of dreams and ambitions. Instead of focusing on the chance of losing all that is dear, you can create goals that allow you to build upon those things you treasure. Instead of fearing the unknown, you can face it boldly with the confidence that you can concur anything that comes your way.

The future is noting more than opportunities that you have yet shaped. There will be curve balls that come out of nowhere but they only have the power to rule your life if you allow them to.

So take this tool of imagination, look at your life and then build your dreams and ambitions around those things that you love. Create the life you want, don’t dread a life that doesn’t even exist.

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