How I Applied My 3 Step Formula To Entrepreneur 's New Business

In this post, I will be walking you through how I applied my three-step formula to a young entrepreneur’s new company, Hope Photography.


First her message. When speaking to this young entrepreneur I asked her what her message was, to which she responded, to make money while doing something I enjoy. I agreed that this was a great ambition but not a message. She needed to define the Why behind what she did. After having her take the time to explain why she enjoyed photography and what she found most important in this form of art, we were able to identify and summarise here message. To capture the essence of people and places. 

Morgan’s desire is to capture pictures that speak a thousand words. In each picture this she takes her wishes to capture the core of who that person on the other side of her lens is. She wants to share the beauty of creation and the simple messages of everyday life. 

I must say, this may be my favorite part of this three-step process. Helping people identify exactly why they do what they do opens their eyes up to so many more opportunities to share that with the world.


The means of advertising that Morgan I chose to use were a bit outside of the box. 

Since Morgan is still in high school there was little reason to have a worldwide platform to share her brand on. A website was simply too much for this time in her company.  With that said, we still needed a place to send potential customers to look at her work. After looking at a few platforms we chose to create a professional Instagram for Hope Photography. When contacting a potential customer Morgan now has a prewritten message along with a link to her Instagram that she can send the moment she needs to do so. 

Along with this professional Instagram page, Morgan and I chose to seek out a local photographer and arranged an internship opportunity.

Though this may not appear to be a form of advertising, it actually is one of the best ways of getting a new brand out in front of people who Morgan could have otherwise never reached. Connections are key to reaching the greatest number of potential customers. 

As seen here, advertising requires a great deal of creativity and thinking outside of the box.


Finally, we come to the way by which Morgan goes about drawing her customers into her message allowing them to take it on as their own.  This is accomplished through Photoshoot opportunities that capture a message. 

Morgan asks each customer what kind of story do they wish to have captured in their pictures. By answering this question these people are actually taking on the message of Hope Photography and putting it into action. 


With this three-step foundation, Morgan is now able to look at each new choice in her company and ask herself if these are things that will help her message or distract from it. Could your company use this same formula? Feel free to contact me today and together we can share your message to change the world.

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