The Message Project - How I Share Messages To Change The World

In the last 30 days, I have created a project to showcase my skills and abilities. The purpose of this undertaking was to provide a clear example of how I can help you the reader, business partner, or potential future employer.  With that in mind, I wish to take a moment and explain how I have laid out this masterpiece to best serve you. 

Quick glance:

If you only wish to invest a few minutes, then this single page will hold everything you need in order to understand the fullness of my project. Are you more of a reader? Great, this post is for you. If you’ve already read enough and wish there was a video to summarize this post then I have thought of you as well.  In the video below you will find everything written in this post only in video form.

My goal for this  Project from the very beginning has been to share messages that change the world. This is exactly what I believe I have accomplished.

Week 1:

In week one I came up with the ambitious idea to contact the Precious Moment’s Museum, a company I greatly respect and admire, to offer my services in improving their message and customer interest.

I sent them a pitch with videos that walked through each of my ideas. This included sharing their message in a clear light, advertising their brand, and creating a means of draw through customer interaction.

Week 2:

In week 2 I reached out to 2 brands and by using of the same pitch I sent to Precious Moments, I created a formula that could be applied to any person or company.

This Formula consists of a 3 step process.

Step 1. Your message.

The Why behind what you do.

It’s the reason you as a brand exist, your contribution to the world.

Step 2. Advertising.

How you share your message.

This is where things start to get exciting. Now that you have your message it’s time to share it with the world.

Step 3. Draw.

What brings your customers in?

The first two steps are vitally important, but this is where the magic happens. This is going the extra mile by providing your customers with more than just an opportunity to buy your product or service, but to actually become apart of it.


Mount Up Ministry

My first test of this formula was with a non-profit company by the name of Mount Up Ministry. Here I again clarified their message, sought out the best forms of advertising, and highlighted their means of customer interaction.

Political Campaign

After this, I decided to look for a brand that went beyond companies. Two local political candidates running for separate seats allowed me to present my formula as a structure for their campaign. Just as with the previous two companies, I found that my three-step process of message, advertising and draw created the perfect platform for their personal brand to be created.

Week 3:

With these two successes under my belt, I jumped into week 3 looking for new ways to stretch and test my theory.

Hope Photography

A young entrepreneur starting her own photography business partnered with me to create her brand through my three-step formula. With this foundation, she is now able to look at each new choice in her company and ask herself if these are things that will help her message or distract from it.

My Personal Brand

The final test I wanted to use to wrap up this 30-day project was my own personal brand. Every person and or organization I applied my formula to had been successful, but applying these steps to myself and taking the time to determine my own message was nothing short of eye-opening. This project itself has helped me clarify and cement my desired message of being able to express thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that change the world.

Week 4:

Week four is when every little piece came together to create the end result of my Message Project. With the documentation of each step through both videos and blogs post, I have constructed the masterpiece you are now enjoying.

But I’m not done here…
This is so much more than a project that I completed to place on the shelf, simply to take down as a testimony of my skills and abilities. This is how I see the world and how I intend to make my mark. Not only have I perfected and gained skills along this journey but I have been forever changed. I’ll never see my world the same and will from here on out be finding opportunities to share messages that change the world.


If you have now glanced over the condensed version of my project and find yourself wishing to dive deeper, first let me say thank you for taking the time to do so. Throughout this post there are links to each section of my project along with an explanation on how I applied my formula to each of the companies I worked with. Each link will take you to a post that includes both a video and written explanation of that week and or company activity. Simply click on the links for weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, or by the names of each company I applied my formula too, and don’t forget to check out the full in depth explanation of my formula process.  You will find these links in the bold sections above.

Again, thank you for your time and interest.

Becoming Involved:

If you have now explored every nook and cranny of my project and have further questions or wish to become involved in my Message Project yourself, feel free to contact me and together we can share messages that can change the world.

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