Controlling Your Attitude

Controlling Your Attitude

I’ve always believed that the only thing in life that you have complete and total control over is your attitude. Your job, health, loved ones, and very life can change or even disappear in a blink of an eye; and you have no power to control any of it.

Your attitude though is completely your choice.

Some may object to my belief stating that one’s life circumstances, health, and environment have a great influence on their attitude. I would agree that these factors can have an impact, but in the end, the individual is the one who determines how they will react to these circumstances.

No one can force you to be angry, irritated, or happy. They can do their best but you are the one who decides to give in or not. In all actuality, when you give in to the pressures of outside forces, you are allowing them to win.

I’ve often said that when you lose control of your attitude you’ve lost control of your entire life. Think about it. If your emotions are the only thing in life that you have complete control over and no one can force you to react one way or another, then loosing that control is the equivalent of losing your entire life.

The next time you blow your top or break down, consider the fact that you are giving control of your enter life to a person or situation that doesn’t deserve it.

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