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 A little bit about myself; I am a 20-year-old Christian whose desire is to learn about the world and make this world a better place. As I endeavor to accomplish this mission, it is my hope to create a community of fellow adventurers, to help each other uncover the mysteries of this journey we call life. If the idea of learning and having a positive influence interest you at all, then this blog is most definitely the place for you.  

Welcome all Kindred Spirits.

Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I use to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in this world.

Anne Shirley

“The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” – Deepak Chopra

Learning how to share your content so that the world knows and is waiting to hear what you have to share.

This article will help you understand the reasoning behind these areas of my life you can better relate to my mission and beliefs taking them on as your won. You don’t have to choose not to go to college, work in a feed store, or teach gymnastics to have the same mission as I do. These are beliefs that can be applied to every area of life.

The you at this moment must decide which force to follow. Will you become the Master of your Trade or will you allow Resistance to waste your life and all you could have become?

With this better understanding of yourself and how you can help others, you are better equipped to enjoy those in your life and improve the world around you.

In this post we will be putting God on trial with you as the jury and our society today as the Prosecutors. The question that must be answered is whether it possible to prove the existence of God?

Should qualifications be valued over experience in the work field? Read this post to determine for yourself.

Over the last 30-days, I wrote and published a blog post every day. Sure I’ve become a better writer, no doubt about that. Looking back though I can see that this experience has taught me so much more than just grammar and spelling. It has taught me how I can learn and invest in this journey we call life, each and every day.

Whether you are a Christian or an Atheist your belief will require a leap of faith, for there is no possible way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is or there is not a God. Each of us must come to a point in our lives where we must make that choice for ourselves.

Just as a fallen tree goes unnoticed is no one is around to hear, so your product could go unnoticed without the right lumberjack Marketer calling out “Timber”!

The road to rescuing a princesses is a difficult journey, but a prince with the right characteristics just might be bale to make the sale and get his girl. 

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Kraken. What do all of these creatures have one thing in common? They have no Marketers proving their existence to the world. The questions is, will your product be the next addition on the mythical creatures list?   

All of life is about sales. Whether you find yourself in a job interview, on a date, or meeting a stranger, you are selling the product of yourself. This article will teach you tricks and tips of how to sell your product in the most effective way, be that a pen, timeshares, or yourself.

I researched and documented the four main roles found within any successful startup company to created this case study including over a dozen articles explaining the roles, keys to success, and professorial advice for the roles of Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success.  

This is a project I completed to demonstrate my ability to share messages. I crated a 3 step formula that can be applied to any company to help share their message, advertise their mission, and draw their audience into the company. I then applied this formula to five diversely different brands and documented the entire processes. 

Whether you are convincing someone to buy your product, join your mission, or go out on a date, the same key skills are required.

Empathy, Creativity, and Communication. With these three skills, you will be able to achieve the desired outcome of Discovery, Understanding, and Trust.

I have a question for you. If a post was published on an all-male flight crew taking a class of all boys to NASA, would it be seen as politically incorrect?

You have the capability to build up those around you by the blessings you speak into their life. You can save a life, influence a movement, and change the world through the words you speak. So before you share your opinions, beliefs, ideas, or dreams, take a moment and THINK.

There’s the fashion, music, and we can’t forget swing dancing. At the core though, my obsession with this time era has more to do with the people and the actions they took to make their lives, this country and the world as a whole, a better experience.


 The only thing in life that you have complete and total control over is your attitude. Your job, health, loved ones, and very life can change or even disappear in a blink of an eye; and you have no power to control any of it.
Your attitude though is completely your choice.

The next time you make a Cold Call, If a Man Answers….. you won’t have to hang up.
Why do you have the job you do? Why do you go to the school you do? Why do you believe as you do? Why do you think that the dreams you have are worth anyone’s time?

If you can answer these questions then you can convince others to take on your cause.

College is not a bad thing or a pour choice to make, for some people. At the end of the day though, one’s work ethic, ability to produce value, and life experience will far out weigh a piece of paper, and that is why I have chosen not to go to college.

You may think I’m crazy but, I am passionate about nuts, bolts, and hay. To explain the reasoning behind this passion allow me to share with you What I do, How I do it, and most importantly Why I it.


I am a USA certified Gymnastics coach who teaches children how to perform skills with the personal desire of building self-confidence and will power that can change the lives of these children, and eventually the world.

Vulnerability is a gift that comes to us in the form of thorns, yet hold the most beautiful roses that life can offer.



As a result of this forced body language signal, you will be better prepared to have that confidence and show it through your nonverbal communication. You might just find out that you can say a lot to others and yourself without saying a thing.


Will you be the ton of theory that weighs the world down or the ounce of action that leads to a title wave of change?

No two children are the same, and yet we expect them all to learn the exact same way. I believe that it is time that we look at the system in which our children and grandchildren will be growing up in and compare it to the real world. After all, it matters little what grade you earned on a test, when life itself is the test.

Grace is the power to overcome sin not the excuse the remain in it.



Regardless of your opinion on dating vs. courting, the method has nothing to do with the result. There have been many young adults who lost their purity while wearing purity rings and successful marriages that came from couples who kissed before their wedding day. The list is of no use if it’s not a choice. Love is not love if there is not a choice.

 Before you go out and buy yourself a cowboy hat and pair of boots, try just stopping in, the way that you are. Cowboy Church isn’t for cowboys, it’s for all who will hear. Our desire is simply to be that voice that cries out to all who will hear, sharing with them the coming of our Lord. (Matthew 11:15)

It doesn’t matter if you win, as long as you have fun”…because if you forget to enjoy the game you’ll never actually win anyways.

What could Payton Grace Walter possibility have to share? There are no PhDs in front of my name. No significant trophies on my wall. Not even a dramatic life story to tell. After all, doesn’t someone have to be an expert in an area before they’re qualified to share with the world?

Having a Second brain allows you to live freely, gathering as much information as your heart desires, storing, and turning it into results that show the world just how awesome you are.




My aunt is a pretty awesome person. From her accomplishment in the business world to her cat-loving Instagram post, this woman pours her passion and creativity into everything she does. And that is what it takes to make it in Operations.


Operations is a hard role to fill and one that may just turn you gray (pun intended). The rewards of helping others achieve their goals and having your company reach its highest potential is worth fighting a few orcs, dragons, and perhaps a balrog.


An empty room holds so much potential, but a full room shows that potential. The question is, what will you hang on your walls?


Do you want to succeed in the role of Operations? Then it’s time you take a look at what’s hanging on your walls

Call them ninjas, spies, or secret forces. These are the people whose main mission is to keep chaos in check and ensure that their customers reach complete satisfaction with their product. These are Customer Success Agents.

The story of an unknown, a nobody, the underdog, rising victorious is the kind of inspiring story that we all esteem. For customer success though, this story is simply everyday life.

At the end of our journey, the gained ability to be empathetic, communication clearly, listen, and think creatively are all souvenir to take home. However, the true reward of the hours put in behind the wheel is the feeling of accomplishment in knowing that another customer has reached their destination of customer success.

The project was presented to me this past week to reach out and interview an individual with experience in the field of Sales. The purpose of this assignment was to advance my knowledge in this role. With this fact in mind, I determined to only learn from the best, which required a bit of creativity on my part.

Zip Zinglar, American author, motivational speaker, and world-renowned Salesmen.                                     … died 2012.

The role of sales is one that challenges a person to become the very best version of themselves. It is a career that pushes one past the limits of comfort and ease to determine which members are strong enough to succeed. And is a profession based solely on the concept of helping others?

Sales is 80% psychology and 20% strategy.

Though Rooster Cogburn is the one given the title of true grit, we all now that Mattie is the one who truly showcases this determination and dedication. It takes a person of true grit to succeed in the world of sales. The question is, are you a salesman with true grit. 

In the vastness of our universe, there is a power that when wielded by the right person can change the world. Those who use this power to improve the lives of mankind are known as Salesmen, and these are the stone that holds their source of success. 



Yes, I am only just getting started and it’s pretty darn amazing already. 

The road that lies before me shows great promise as do the projects and skills I am creating along the way. 

When one looks at a Norman Rockwell work of art, they see more than a painting, they see a story. When someone looks at my life, I hope that they see more than a to-do list and accomplished projects, but instead, a life lived to the fullest, improving the life of myself and others.


These 5 ingredients and the sources by which I acquire them are what make up my irresistible Character Cheesecake.

Turn up your radio, grab your shades, and let the wind blow through your hair. This life is a journey, so own it, don’t rent it.



Regardless of the opportunity that life pitches my way, be it a job position, a life changing decision, or simply an every day task, these three bases are the way by which I reach my goals and slide into home.


As my reader, I have one request for you. Please, pretty please with a great big cherry on top, DO NOT take what I saw and agree with it.

Challenge it, and challenge me

The Never Ending Story

the Bible is so much more than a good story or even a guide to how to live a “good Christian Life”. It is the living word of God that if you will allow it to, will change your life forever.

I’d rather be known as breathing, moving, responsive Christian than a sleeping Snow White. The question is, does your Christianity show evidence of life, or would you be pronounced dead?



Whether you’re attempting to sell a product or persuade your crush to go out with you, the skill of Cold Calls just might get you out of the hot seat. 

When one stands as a living representation of righteousness and love, yet conducts themselves in a manner of only judgment and hatred, one must ask the question, who is the greater criminal? The Sinister Saint or the Sinner.  


Advice for any aspiring entrepreneurs; be they  Super Hero or Villain. 



Are you more than a name that goes with your face? Who’s option of you truly matters? And who will you allow to decide the worth of you? 

The lessons from Uncle Tom’s Cabin for today’s generation as to how one should go about brining impacting change.  




Are we dictated by our live’s circumstances or do we dictate our lives? 




What every woman needs to know when it comes to understanding their man. 

What you value most and spend your greatest assets on, will determine who you become 




How Disney princesses and “Christian” dating advice have messed everything up.  




How the foundational beliefs of these Old Testament Laws can improve the lives of every human being, regardless of their personal view of the God of the Bible. 

What if your beliefs, options, and ideas could change the world? And what if all you required to do so was the means by which to share them?

The place of Christians in the Political field. 

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