Before I die

Before I die

As the saying goes “An ounce of action is worth more than a ton of theory.” People are extremely good at complaining but are lacking in the department of solving these dilemmas.

In her Ted Talk titled Before I dieCandy Chang shares her experience and story of how she turned a difficult time in her life into a blessing for others.

After losing a dear friend who was like a mother to her, Candy found herself examining her own life and the time she had here on this earth.

We can each look at our own lives and see this same value, yet we just a quickly lose it in the chaos of life. This is the dilemma Candy chose to solve in her community. By taking the side of an old abandoned building and turning it into an enormous chalkboard, this woman gave people a safe place to share their thoughts, ambitions, and even fears. On this wall the words Before I Die I Want To.., were written with spaces for others to fill in their answers. Within a single day, the entire wall was filled.

Something that was once an eyesore, probably the source of many people’s complaints, suddenly became a place of unity and beauty. All because one person saw a need and provided a solution.

We only have so much time here on earth to impact the lives of those around us. Why would we waste a single moment focusing on the ugly instead of bringing beauty?

Before I Die I Want To…

I don’t know what your answer may be to the above question. Perhaps you’d say to love someone with all your heart. Maybe you want to be someone’s hero. Perhaps you simply want to fulfill a childhood dream. Regardless of what your answer may be, I would have two follow up questions.

#1. How can you use those aberrations to impact the lives of others beyond yourself? 

2# Why are you not doing so?

Before I die I want to impact this world in such a way that when I leave, it is a better place to live simply because I was once apart of it. Change like this will never come about as a result of complaining about the wrongs in life. There will always be evil in the world. The good news is that also means that there will always be opportunists to make a difference, but only for those who choose to seize the moment.

Will you be the ton of theory that weighs the world down or the ounce of action that leads to a title wave of change?

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