Becoming Prince Charming

Becoming Prince Charming

We’ve all heard the stories of a fair maiden held captive by some form of evil and the prince who comes to her rescue. These are sweet and endearing, but have you ever taken the time to look at everything these Prince Charming have to go through. It is no easy undertaking that’s for sure.

Another heroic role that has many similarities is that of marketing. True there’s no white stallion or sleeping princesses, but there are plenty of acts of chivalry.

Allow us to step into this world of make believe in in order to get a better idea of what it takes to become a Prince Charming of Marketing.

Computer Savvy

In place of a sword and armor, our heroes of the business world rely on their technical tools and advertisement platforms. Much like magic, these marketers can conger up an email, video ad, or campaign slogan that’s sure to pierce through any dragon that dares to stand between then and their beloved customer.


There are many obstacles that a prince faces along his journey. Beast, witches, and controlling stepmothers. In the world of marketing there are just as many and more challenges that face marketers on any given day. Multiple clients running different campaigns, each using varying  programs and platforms, makes a creepy old lady with an apple looks easy. This is a juggling game that requires multitasking and a great deal of organization skills.


Rescuing the right princes is vitally important, otherwise you might end up with an ogre. In the same way, reaching out to the right customer is of utmost importance. The process of finding these customers requires a large amount of research. Who are they, where are they, and how is the best plan of action for reaching them? Without knowing the answers to these questions your advertisements will be a game of hit and miss, sending your companies money down the drain.

Ever-Changing field

It seems that the more time goes by, the more fairy tale stories get harder. It use to be that true love’s kiss could solve every problem. Now you have to consider glass slippers, floating lanterns, and let’s not even talk about the guy who had to turn into a frog. Ever-changing situations is just a fact of life, especially in marketing. With commuters and technology constantly advancing, the ability to learn and a love for learning is a must for this role. There will always be a new, more efficient means of accomplishing a task that will save you time and your company money.

Providing the Need

In the end, rescuing the princess is all that matters. No matter what obstacles or dangers may stand in the way, our prince will find a way to storm the castle walls, sweep her off her feet and carry her off in style. Happy ever afters are what stories and markets are all about. At the end of the day, if a customer’s needs have been provided for and their life is improved because of the product you were able to provide, then you can ride off into the sunset knowing your fairy tell has a happy ending.


The road to rescuing a princes is a difficult and territories journey, but a prince with the right characteristics just might be able to make the sale and get the girl.

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