Becoming an Italian Stallion of Customer Success

Becoming an Italian Stallion of Customer Success

Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, the story of Rocky Balboa is one that everyone can enjoy. A no-one who defeated the odds and found a way to reach victory.

In many ways, one might say that the role of Customer Success is greatly overlooked. I mean really, who likes having to call customer service? However, just as Rocky, this is a role that rises above the odds and finds a way to reach victory for their customers daily. These are the men and women who step into the ring of unknown adversity and refuse to back down, regardless of the punches thrown there way.

What is Customer Success?

Customer success is the process of improving the experience of a customer by constantly seeking new ways to solve present and future problems.

Rocky Balboa found success at that moment when Apollo Creed lay beaten on the floor as “8, 9, 10” rang out for all to hear. The moment when his opponent had swung his last punch and the crowds cheered.

In the same way, a customer success agent finds success when the problem that their customer is facing is defeated. That moment when the reliability of their product is restored and the customer cheers.

What are the Responsibilities in Customer Success?

Regardless of whether you are answering a call or responding to an email, the main agenda in customer success is to help your customer and be open to understanding their situation.

Rocky, being a Southpaw fighter had to put himself into Apollo Creed’s shoes and learn how to fight in a way that was new and unfamiliar to him. At the opportune moment, his strong left arm would be released but not until he had first met the standers of his opponent. If Rocky would have started out using his dominate side, he would not have been unable to stand against the attacks that came. Yet by putting himself into Apollo’s shoes, the Italian Stallion was able to face the attacks and then deliver his victorious left blow.

We all have our Southpaw way of going about solving problems. Like Rocky though, in customer success, one must put themselves into the shoes of their customer. Understanding exactly what the problem is and the desired outcome for the customer will allow one to face that attacking situation. Once the opponent is identified and a solution is found, one’s Southpaw way of going about solving a problem can be brought in to finish the job.

Rushing in and just trying to solve the problem without actually taking the time and effort to understand the customer’s side, will lead to an unsatisfactory solution and a frustrated customer. Always lead with empathy and openness in every interaction.

What is the importance of this role?

Almost every time a customer contacts a company they will be working with a customer success agent. This interaction will determine how that customer views the company as a whole. This role holds the responsibility of preserving the image of a company. A customer that feels successful in their experience is what makes a successful company.

The Italian Stalin’s victory was not merely a world title but was a statement and promise of what this man could deliver. That Rocky Balboa truly was a champion and a person worthy of such a title.

As a company, victory is that same stamens and promise of what that brand can deliver. To hold the title of reliable and rise above the competition, a company must be able to deliver a product worthy of such tiles. This can only come about when customers feel successful with their experience. Which is why customer success is the key to company success.


The story of an unknown, a nobody, the underdog, rising victorious is the kind of inspiring story that we all esteem. For customer success though, this story is simply everyday life.

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