Allow me to Share

Allow me to Share

What could Payton Grace Walter possibility have to share? There are no PhDs in front of my name. No significant trophies on my wall. Not even a dramatic life story to tell. After all, doesn’t someone have to be an expert in an area before they’re qualified to share with the world?

My personal opinion is that if you wait till you know everything about a topic, you’ll never actually share it. There will always be more to learn and there will always be people who know more than you.
No one person can know everything and therefore there will always be topics to learn. Fortunately, though, that means that there will always be other people learning as well.

No matter how much you may know about any given area, there is someone, somewhere who knows less than you and can benefit from what you can share.

This is how humans interact. We are all teachers in our sense. It is the job of each human being to lend a hand to our fellow man by sharing what life has offered to us.

This is the mindset of driving my decision to take on a 30-day blog challenge. Throughout Oct I will be writing and publishing a blog post each day, no matter what. For the next 30 days, I will have to share information that I have gathered from all areas of life.

The first blogs I published will most likely be pretty rough. This is a learning experience for me and one that may be a bit daunting at times.

This a huge step for me to put myself at the mercies of those who click on this post. However, I want to improve my ability to communicate effectively to others and am therefore willing to look like a fool at times. My only request is that you lend me that helping hand of knowledge by offering feedback from time to time. I may not be great now, but I know someday I will be.
With that said, I do believe that the content I have to share is worth your time. I may not have a Ph.D., trophies or a dramatic life story, but I’m willing to put myself out in front of the world.

I promise that if you choose to accompany me on this journey, I will deliver compelling, informative, and even humorous content each day. Even if you only gain one ounce of knowledge, this challenge will have been not only worth your time but also mine.

I have a hunger to learn, and since you’ve read this far, I can assume to have that same hunger. Together we can learn from each other.

So here’s a thank you in advance, for allowing me to share.

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