5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast Off

As I come to the end of my first month of Praxis, I feel as if things are truly starting to get rolling. With a killer website, pitch deck, and LinkedIn, not to mention some pretty fantastic blog posts and an about me video, these first 30 days have been monumental.

Yet, I’m only just getting started!

For the next leg of this marathon race, I will be creating a project that will best showcase my skills and abilities to future employers. Some of the traits I wish to highlight, improve upon, and learn would be as follows.


Psychology as it relates to Sales

How the human brain reacts to certain situations and how those situations can be influenced to bring about a certain outcome. My goal is to better understanding and be able to put into practice these techniques when it comes to making sales.

Sales Communication skills

Being able to speak or write, in an intriguing manner that brings about the action of closing a sale. With my experience in Public Speaking and writing, I am looking forward to improving these skills to become a persuasive salesman.


Prospecting is the process of finding potential customers and connecting with them to present your sales pitch. Learning how to find the right people who are interested in the kind of products I have to offer is a skill I am ever so excited to learn and apply to my sales life.

The Tips and Secrets of Successful Salesmen

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can just sale it? I intend to find as many resources on successful sales tactics to learn from the best to become one of the best.

Relationship Building

Sales are all about creating relationships. My job as a salesman is to see every potential customer as more than prospects but instead as an actual person. No one wants to be sold yet everyone needs help in certain areas. I want to be that person who helps, not just the one who closes the sale.

How to run Sales as a Founder/CEO

With the intention of starting my own business one day, I desire to learn as much about each and every aspect of how a company functions to best run my own company one day. Without sales, a company is incapable of surviving, thus the knowledge of how to run sales sufficiently will benefit me in my future business plans.


The Projects

To showcase, improve, and learn these skills I will be creating one Kick Butt project in hopes of setting myself apart in the field of sales. Here are my top five ideas.


Sell sock with a meaning

I asked myself, “What is the most boring product I could sell”? Socks!

This project goes beyond selling a less than exciting product though. I’m raising the bar even higher than that.

I will sell socks to people by convincing them that the socks they wear can create meaning in their life.

This posses will incorporate Psychology, Communications skills, Prospecting, Relationship Building, along with Tips and Tricks form Successful Sales sources.

Start a Non-Profit

A dream of mine has always been to start a Non-Profit for unplanned pregnancies, where I would host baby showers to provide essential needs and assistance, along with adoption education.

By creating this 51C3 I would be learning how to run my own company which would include sales, marketing, operations, technical support, and customer success.

As far as the traits that I listed above, this project will defiantly incorporate Psychology, Sales Communication, Prospecting, Relationship Building, and Running Sales as the Founder of a company.

Bring in Customers for small scale Companies

For this project, I will reach out to 3 or more small organizations that I admire and respect to  improve their awareness through sales.

These charity based organizations are less recognized on the grad scale and would greatly benefit from a boost in sponsors and incoming interest.

This process will incorporate Psychology, Communications skills, Prospecting, Relationship Building, along with Tips and Tricks form Successful Sales sources.

A Stance for beef

A hot political topic, especially in the agriculture world is the plummeting sales of beef. With my background in agriculture as President of the Mesa County Catch-A-Heifer and official 2013 Beef Advocacy recipient, this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and one that I can defend affectively.

By means of blogs, internet marketing, reaching out and interviewing leaders in both industries, with videos to document the entire process, I intend to bring Beef back for dinner.

This Project would incorporate prospecting, communications skills, psychology, successful sales techniques, and relationship building.

Start a Podcast

Sales require communications skills, so what better way to improve and showcase these skills than putting myself in front of a mic.

This podcast would be based on sharing encouraging and educational insights in the business world. Topics such as how to handle work situations, sales techniques, marketing strategies, organization tips, and so much more.

Creating this project would incorporate Psychology, Communications skills, Relationship Building, Tips and Tricks form Successful Sales sources and an understating of not only how to Run Sales but also all areas of a company.


Yes, I am only just getting started and it’s pretty darn amazing already.

The road that lies before me shows great promise as do the projects and skills I am creating along the way.

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